The Common Signs of Sexual Abuse

None of the following in itself depict sexual abuse,
but are clues that abuse may be a factor.

 Alcohol Abuse
 An older child behaving like a younger child, such as bedwetting or thumb sucking
 Anxiety
 Binge eating
 Busy mind
 Caretaking (excessively trying to please people)
 Competitive nature
 Controlling behavior
 Cutting or burning oneself as an adolescent
 Depression
 Drug abuse
 Easily influenced by others
 Emotionally instability
 Envy/Jealousy
 Excessive spending habits
 Extreme fear of monsters or the “boogieman”
 Fear
 Fear of certain people or places
 Flirtatious behavior
 Guilt
 Loss of appetite, trouble eating or swallowing
 Low Self-s\esteem
 New words for private body parts
 Nightmares, trouble sleeping, fear of the dark, or other sleep problems
 Poor self-image
 Promiscuous behavior
 Refusing to talk about a “secret” he/she has with an adult or older friend
 Sexual activities with toys or other children
 Sexual Transmitted Diseases
 Sexual/Lustful thoughts
 Spacing out at odd times
 Stomach illness all of the time with no identifiable reason
 Sudden mood swings (rage, fear, anger, withdrawal)
 Suddenly having money
 Suspicious mind
 Talking about a new older friend
 Uncomfortable around doctors of the opposite sex

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