About Arrested Development

A child wounded by rejection, incest, molestation, emotional abuse, or physical abuse
will become an adult who is childish in his or her ways; not being able to put away childish things.

John & Charlene Donelson, (Arrested Development Ministry) are not licensed therapists, counselors, or psychiatrists, but teachers, ministers of the Gospel; sharing their own personal experiences. The information provided via any verbal and/or written communication should be considered educational in nature, but it is not a substitute for professional counseling and advice. If you believe you need the help of a professional counselor or therapist, please seek a qualified professional guidance. Call RAINN at 1-800-656-HOPE, or visit www.rainn.org (The Rape, Abuse, Incest, National Network)

Welcome to Arrested Development,
Arrested Development is the term used to describe the occurrence in the human body when a person has experienced something so traumatic in their childhood that it may allow them to grow physically, but still stunted in their emotional, relational, and even spiritual growth.

This outreach was birthed through experiences and testimonies of John & Charlene Donelson. Charlene is a victorious survivor of childhood sexual and verbal abuse. She shares her process and the trials of her childhood; how she manages the reflections now resonating in her adult life. The effects of her past experiences continually try to destroy her emotionally, physically, and spiritually. She holds onto the truth of God’s word that tells us all that, “We are overcomers by the blood of the lamb, and by the word of our testimonies”.

John is also a survivor in his own right, a product of a teenage rape, and through the abuse (ab-normal use) of an adult’s authority in his life. He shares about how he was exposed to pornography at a very young age. Although this is accepted in our society today, it has a lasting snowball effect on the mind and spirit that causes much pain and destruction; leaving behind a trail of broken relationships, self-esteem issues, pornography addiction, and more. He shares his battles and victories and lessons of defeat to the glory of God.

Starting a family together under these conditions was and is still not easy. As you can imagine, their journey has been filled with much pain and frustration. Remembering that the enemy of their souls has orchestrated these attacks, their strength is found in knowing that what the enemy has meant for bad, God is working out for their good. God’s plans for their lives are of good and not evil, and He has seen fit to bring them together for an expected end, to Become One Flesh.

Today, many marriages suffer because of the attacks that come through generational curses, incest, adultery, rape, sexual addictions, and other deep dark family secrets. 

Through the Blood of Jesus Christ, His Holy Spirit, and His Word, any marriage can endure these attacks and reflect the wisdom, purpose, and power of God - who does all things well. Listen to their testimonies, hear their hearts, and look at what great things God can do for you, (with information and application of His word).

You May Have Been Broken,
But You Are Not Beyond Repair!