Remember the caterpillar it turned into a beautiful butterfly, that's the beauty of change. CAD
Wholeness is such a beautiful state of the soul, it's liberating to know you have the right and freedom to give and receive love, in spite of. CAD
Healing begins in the mind, the greatest impact of hurt is right there, to the mind, because your thoughts are not affected, What you think can either help or hurt you, that's the pain of it al. You can choose to be pain free or not, we have that kind of power. Unfortunately many of us don't believe or realize that.
Your ex-cause (the past issue) is not an excuse (for your present situation). When you know better, do better! Make better decisions today.
It is very essential for your soul to be made whole so that your body may be whole as well, if the soul is sick the body will be sick, remember forgiving is instant but healing is a process, forgive, that you may live, hatred is not worth dying for. CAD