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Larie Norvell knows a little something  about using SEX as a weapon Sexually abused as a child, she learned early on that sex could be used to change minds and influence others.
She is not alone, many women and men have used Sexto influence the outcome of decisions. Even in marriage.
Listen as Nicole Cleveland interviewsLarie Norvell, author of "My Heart Speaks" - inspired by Luke 6:45, the book shares her journey to spiritual maturation through cancer, sexual abuse, having children, and other various tests of my faith, character, and sanity.
These things have taught Larie that a life of "mess" has a MESSage.

Just Yell Fire!

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Just Yell Fire™ Stops Abuse, Campus Violence, Sexual Assault & Abduction of High School and College Age Girls. Free Self Defense Film plus Date Rape & Abduction Prevention Tips From Dallas Jessup, America's Best Known Teen Safety Advocate.

Hey Richmond, VA, catch the Stop Child Abuse youth program going on at Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Church, Saturday Oct 15th from 10a - 3p.

RAINN's Online Hotline: Free. Safe. Confidential

Mick Foley Challenges Others to Join the Fight

You're Not Alone: National Sexual Assault Online Hotlines

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Get Help Now! National Sexual Assault Hotlines

Reducing Your Risk: Prevention Is Your Weapon

Reporting The Crime

Passion growing, purpose becoming more clear. Too many hurting people afraid to live. We have to stop Rape, Abuse, Incest, and Molestation.

Call 1-800-656-HOPE or visit for help today!
Sexual abuse is not just physical. Abuse is also misusing your authority. Exposing a child to sexual material is also a form of sexual abuse.
5 traumas will generally arrest normal development in a prepubescent child: rejection (neglect), incest, molestation, emotional, and physical abuse.
A child who is unequipped to deal with the emotions attached to trauma will accept responsibility for the incident.