Do You Recognize the Signs of Abuse

Do any of the following statements sound familiar?

· There is blaming, cursing, or name calling.
· One person controls the finances.
· There is control of outside interests and friendships.
· I see a “Jekyll/Hyde” personality.
· I make excuses for their behavior.
· Sex is not a “mutual” agreement.
· Household responsibilities are not shared.
· There was violence in our families while growing up.
· There are mind games, hostile humor, and/or put downs in public.
· I cannot express my own opinion.
· I have trouble communicating.
· I live in fear.
· I have unrealistic expectations for myself and others.
· I feel isolated from my friends and family.
· One person makes all the decisions.
· I feel intimidated by looks, actions, and/or voice tone.
· They threaten suicide or to leave me.
· There is undue jealousy of my friends, family, and/or my time.
· There is destruction of my personal property and/or abuse of pets.
· My children are being used against me in any way possible.
· I feel angry, on edge, depressed, trapped, and/or suicidal.
· I find myself yelling at others, especially those I love.
· I have been a victim of verbal, sexual, and/or physical abuse.
· I feel alone with absolutely no one to confide in.
· I struggle with feeling rejected.
· There is no respect for privacy in our home.
· Whenever I share things, it’s eventually used against me.
· I am constantly guessing what is wrong or what I did.
· My partner/friend seems to tune me out and never really communicates with me.

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