Have you ever been sexually abused?

It's a simple, yet profound question. The answer is either yes or no. Unfortunately, for as many as one in three females and one in five males, the answer is yes. Sexual abuse is not bound by race, economic status, or social class. It strikes every family. Because of the hurt, shame, and embarrassment it brings to families, no one wants to talk about it. Do you think that it hasn't happened in your family? Think again!

~Stephanie L. Jones

  • Have you or someone you know been sexually promiscuous?
  • Are you feeling lonely, confused, or depressed and don't know why?
  • Do you wonder if the person who abused you ever thinks about it?
  • Do you have problems being intimate with your spouse?
  • Before you send your child off to another babysitter...
  • Before you let your child play Hide-and-Seek...
  • Before you let your child "spend the night" anywhere else...
  • Before you call another pregnant teen a fast little girl...
  • Before you say, "My husband would never touch my child..."

You must read...

It will change your life, how you parent your children, and make you think twice about ever judging another person -- including teenage mothers, prostitutes, drug addicts, and possibly yourself.

Stop Blaming Yourself and let go of the guilt.

"I can't stress enough that abuse is not the victim's fault. Whether a child was 6 years old or 12 when it , it was not his or her fault. The child was the victim of a crime, and must release the guilt."

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